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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our Current Action Alerts: Do Something Life-Affirming--Today!

Just to tell you about or remind you of our current action alerts. There's something here for just about everyone...

  • Help Reduce Abortion by Volunteering for Nonviolent Choice!
  • 10 Ways To Make a Real Difference for USD$10 or Less
  • Abolish Violence Against Women and the Reproductive Wrongs It Causes
  • Amnesty International: Return to Abortion Neutrality
  • Baby Bottle Makers: Stop Poisoning Unborn & Already-Born Kids!
  • Become a Blood, Other Tissue, or Organ Donor (includes info on umbilical cord blood donation, and a plea to people from all communities of color in the US)
  • Boost Your Odds of Contraceptive Success
  • Call for Good Maternity Care in the Czech Republic
  • Child Abuse: You Can Do Something
  • Choose Alternatives to the Military
  • College Campuses: Make Them Welcome Places for Pregnant & Parenting Students and Their Kids!
  • Congo Rape Situation: Donate to A Hospital & Day Care for Survivors & Their Children (thanks, Turn the Clock Forward).
  • Defend College Students' and Low-Income Women's Right to Nonviolent Choice!
  • Demand Diaper Benefits for the Poor (US) and/or Organize a Diaper Drive
  • Educate Others-or Maybe Yourself?- About LGBT Justice
  • End "This Shameful Neglect" With the White Ribbon Alliance
  • Endorse UNIFEM's "Say NO to Violence Against Women" Petition
  • Ensure Access to Voluntary Sterilization (US)

  • Establish an Endowed Scholarship for Pregnant & Parenting Students
  • Female Feticide in India: Take A Stand
  • Get Up, Stand Up, for All Our Rights: Endorse Pro Every Life, Pro Woman, Pro Reproductive Justice for All: A Manifesto" (coponsored with Turn the Clock Forward)
  • Health Care Hell USA: Demand Universal Health Care With "Sicko" Director Michael Moore and Cover Poor Pregnant Women & Children With the Children's Defense Fund
  • Help Distribute A Global Family Planning Handbook (USD $10 per copy!)
  • Help Save the Lives of the 25,000 Already-Born Kids Who Die from Preventable Causes Every Day
  • Join the National (US) Council of Jewish Women's Plan A for Contraceptive Access & Defend Poor Americans' Family Planning Funding
  • Paid Sick Days, Anyone? (US)
  • Petition From Parents of People With Down Syndrome
  • Practice Eco Friendly Living
  • Protest Harassment of LGBT Youth
  • Reduce Mercury Exposure Before & After Birth
  • Save Title IX, the US Law Safeguarding Women's Equality in Education, Including the Rights of Pregnant & Parenting Students
  • Save Unborn & Already-Born Lives Through UNFPA
  • Stand in Solidarity With the Tibetan People
  • Stand Up For HIV/AIDS-Affected Women & Children
  • Stop PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Poisoning
  • Tokophobia: Dreadful, But Treatable
  • Violence Against Native American Women Is "Not Traditional"
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