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Thursday, November 6, 2008

But Wait, There's More

Now that the US elections are over (for the next couple years, anyway) here is another action alert, from the progressive Christian group Sojourners (by way of the coalition Consistent Life, which Nonviolent Choice belongs to).

Sojourners has a new online petition calling upon President-Elect Barack Obama to adopt an action plan based on respect for all lives. It includes "common ground policies which can dramatically reduce abortions in America, and help bring us together on this divisive issue."

The petition has some Christian and religious language, but the actions it calls for can surely be advocated by people of all faiths and none. So please use your own discretion in deciding whether to sign. And if you do not feel comfortable signing the statement, but agree with its action plan, then you can send your own letter to Obama's Senate Office, while he is still there, of course.


Jean Poole said...

Hey thanks! I'm going to add my name (my real name) to the petition right now.

Jen R said...

I didn't feel comfortable signing a statement that professed faith I don't hold, but I plan to send my own comments to Obama's new site change.gov and am encouraging others to do the same. Even for those who have signed the petition -- sending as many of our own messages in our words is important.

Marysia said...

Done! Right here.