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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tips for Contraceptive Success: Introduction to Our Reprint Series from Dawn Stacey, M.Ed., LMHC, About.com Contraception Guide

Unfortunately, no method of contraception is 100% effective; a lot of political commitment and research is needed before that can ever happen.

But please don’t let that discourage you from trying your best! Most methods work pretty well at preventing pregnancy—especially if you use them correctly and consistently every single time you have penis-vagina intercourse.

Want to learn how to boost your odds of preventing unintended pregnancy? Dawn Stacey is a master’s level health educator and licensed mental health counselor who specializes in reproductive health work. She serves as Contraception Guide for the website About.com. She has graciously given us reprint permission for these physician-reviewed About.com articles she authored on preventing contraceptive failure. And for that we thank her. We hope you will, too.

For the rest of Dawn's reprints:

To learn more about contraception, please visit Dawn's work on About.com.

Or you can consult the Nonviolent Choice Directory's extensive Pregnancy Prevention resources. The Nonviolent Choice Directory also sells nonprescription family planning and safer sex items through our website.

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