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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Organ and Tissue Donation: How You Can Help (Part Two)

Part One of this message explains the global need for organ & tissue donation, and today's BlogCatalog "blogathon" on this matter of life and death for millions and their loved ones.

Unfortunately there is no one single website where any global citizen from anywhere can go sign up as an organ and/or tissue donor...let alone and ensure that his or her gifts will go to the people who need them the most.

Now there's an idea...but for now, I will list here the online national organ and tissue registries for every country I could find, and a couple of other relevant sites...Sorry I don't have more, either because I didn't find one yet, or because, alas, they don't exist (and need to!)

Please note the plea to people from all communities of color in the United States!

Thank you for caring!

How Do I Become A Living Donor?
Living Bank
Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide

Great Britain
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
Taiwan & Beyond (Tzu Chi Foundation)
United States (OrganDonor.gov). To book a blood donation appointment in the US, please go to givelife.org . People of color in particular suffer and die needlessly because not enough people of color donate blood, other tissues, and organs. To learn more, please visit Help Us Save More Lives on the blood shortage, from MinorityNurse.com.

Umbilical Cord Blood Donation: Registries & Resources

Eurocord International Registry on Cord Blood Transplantation: FAQs
National Marrow Donor Program: How to Donate Cord Blood (has online cord blood registry that works with banks across the US and in Australia, France, Germany, Mexio, Spain, and Switzerland)
NHS (National Health Service) Cord Blood Bank (serves England and Wales)


Jen R said...

People who live in Illinois and wish to be organ donors might want to sign up for the new registry at http://www.lifegoeson.com/ if they registered prior to January 1, 2006. The old registry is subject to family approval -- so even if you wished to be an organ donor, family members who object might be able to prevent that wish from being carried out. The new registry does not require family approval.

Marysia said...

Thank you, Jen! Illinois is one of the most progressive states on organ/tissue donation. They also have a catchy public service message to encourage donation--it can be seen on TV or on this website.