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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Educate Others--or Maybe Yourself!-- About LGBT Justice

Soulforce is an interfaith, US-based group whose mission is "to cut off homophobia at its source -- religious bigotry. Soulforce uses a dynamic 'take it to the streets' style of activism to connect the dots between anti-gay religious dogma and the resulting attacks on the lives and civil liberties of LGBT Americans. We apply the creative direct action principles taught by Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. to peacefully resist injustice and demand full equality for LGBT citizens and same-gender families."

Soulforce publishes two great booklets to help anyone who wishes to educate others about the rights of LGBT people. They can be ordered in print, or read and downloaded from the following links:

What the Bible Says, and Doesn't Say, about Homosexuality by Reverend Mel White, Soulforce cofounder (in English and Spanish)

What the Science Says - And Doesn't Say - About Homosexuality by Jeff Lutes, Soulforce executive director

We are proud to say that the Nonviolent Choice Directory is listed in the acknowledgments of the science booklet!

So much prejudice against LGBT people results from a lack of knowledge. These booklets directly address the stereotypes in a spirit of love.

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