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Friday, February 8, 2008

Thwarted: Bush Administration Complicity in Eco-Abortion

Environment News Service brings good news today. Federal court has overturned the Bush administration's 2005 "Clean Air Mercury Rule," terming it a violation of the Clean Air Act.

And indeed the Bush policy attempted to permit ung-dly levels of toxic mercury emissions--and this at a time when an estimated 630,000 children in the US alone are born every year with unhealthy levels of mercury in their bodies.

Pregnant and nursing women and their babies, as well as older, still growing children, are the most vulnerable to mercury pollution. Individuals can of course take steps to reduce their exposure. GotMercury.org and the US Food and Drug Administration advise on how to avoid or reduce mercury exposure through fish and seafood consumption. Vegetarianism is also an option, even during pregnancy, nursing, and beyond.

As important as consumer education is, ultimately the most powerful and enduring safeguard against is a federal government that protects all Americans, born and unborn, against mercury and other toxins, instead of serving industries that care more for their bottom lines than for life and health.

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