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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Speak Out Against Violence to India's Female Babies

The 50 Million Missing Campaign challenges the rampant sex-selective abortion of baby girls in India. It was founded by Rita Banerji, an ecologist protegee of the internationally renowned Vandana Shiva.

Please sign their petition calling upon the Indian government as well as international human rights and governmental bodies to take substantive action.

Some US prolifers speak of sex-selective abortions as "trivial." As appalling as the abortion of girl-children is, it will never be uprooted and abolished until everyone recognizes that the violence and discrimination faced by women who try to resist it is just as appalling.

Mitu Khurana, a physician from Delhi, publicly stated that she was illegally forced by her physician husband and inlaws into a prenatal sex determination test for the twins she was carrying. When the test revealed that the babies were girls, they pressured and harassed Khurana in an effort to make her abort them.

She courageously refused. As she told the Mumbai Mirror, "I chose to escape and am proud to say that I have given birth to two lovely daughters." The story as well as a beautiful photo of her with her two baby girls can be found here.

What is more, she went public and took legal action against her harassers. Fortunately her own parents have welcomed her back home and are standing right behind her and the little girls. If only more Indian women in this situation could have support in choosing life for their girl children! And even with her own parents' help, Mitu Khurana has been subjected to suffering no one should ever have to face. And how to tell two little girls that apparently some of their own family wanted them dead because they weren't boys?

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