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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Endorse UNIFEM's "Say NO to Violence Against Women" Petition

UNIFEM, the United Nations Development Fund for Women, has launched a global petition, "Say NO to Violence Against Women."

As well as being a major, widespread human rights violation in and of itself, violence against women is a major cause of abortion worldwide. It often begins or escalates during pregnancy. Women may be outright and directly forced to abort their pregnancies, or be subjected to so many miseries, they cannot envision a different way.

And violence against women is a major reason why women are deprived of their right to make nonviolent choices, such as whether or not to have sex, and with whom, and whether or not to prevent conception, and how. Violence against women violates women's (as well as unborn children's right) to bodily integrity, and often violates women's (as well as unborn children's) right to life itself.

If you are a pregnant--or nonpregnant, for that matter--woman who has been or is subjected to violence, please visit our Mother & Child Health page(direct URL http://www.nonviolentchoice.info/motherchildhealth.html) . It lists sources of help for problems with Domestic Violence/Abuse (direct URL http://www.nonviolentchoice.info/motherchildhealth.html#dv.html).

Our Pregnancy Prevention page (direct URL http://www.nonviolentchoice.info/preventionallways.html)offers resources on Rape & Incest Treatment & Prevention (direct URL http://www.nonviolentchoice.info/preventionallways.html#rape).

And of course, one of the deepest solutions for violence against women resides in greater Male Resonsibility (direct URL http://www.nonviolentchoice.info/maleresponsibility.html).

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