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These measures include post abortion healing; male responsibility; comprehensive sexual/reproductive health education; all voluntary pregnancy prevention methods, plus rape and incest prevention & treatment; and life-affirming ways to get through crisis pregnancy and beyond.

Along with responding to our current action alerts, and participating in our Blog, you are welcome to volunteer with us.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We STILL Need Your Volunteer Help in Reducing Abortion!

We are grateful for the responses we received to our plea for volunteers. We now have one volunteer, who prefers to be known only as Anonymous, who is regularly checking the links in the Post Abortion Care, Sexual/Reproductive Health Education, Crisis Pregnancy Support, Shelter, Eco Friendly Living, and Other Ways to Give Life sections of our Directory.

We are also talking with a couple of other people about two specific areas of expansion into non-US and/or non-English resources.

But the task remains huge. We *still* need more pro every life, pro nonviolent choice advocates to step forward. if you are serious about making a difference, here is a very real and concrete way you can do just that.

The following volunteer positions remain open.

---The Nonviolent Choice Directory, www.nonviolentchoice.info, is a free, online, global guide to positive resources for reducing abortion.

We are pro every life, pro women's rights, secular and interfaith.

Currently we seek volunteers for the following opportunities. Scheduling and number of hours per month are flexible. Volunteers will receive full credit for their work.

* Website Design: Help redesign the Directory so that it is more visually appealing and state-of-the-art, yet simple and uncluttered, as well as accessible to low bandwidth users in the Two Thirds World and to disabled visitors from anywhere.

* Publicist: Identify and make use of free and low-cost means (ethical only) to increase the Directory's visibility.

* Adopt A Topic I: Make the Directory as reliable as our visitors, especially people in crisis, need and deserve. Regularly check links in your chosen section(s) of the Directory to ensure that they still work. Still needed for the following sections:

--Free & Low Cost Internet & Computing Resources
--Our Affiliations
--Male Responsibility
--All Pregnancy Prevention Methods
--Mother & Child Health
--Adoption, Foster Care, & Guardianship
--Food & Nutrition
--Finances & Income

* Adopt A Topic II: Make the Directory as comprehensive as our visitors need and deserve. Research possible new listings for your chosen Directory section or sections. We especially need more non-US, non-English language resources. Still needed for ALL sections.

Please email editor at nonviolent choice dot info ---

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