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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Contraceptive Funding & the Stimulus Package (US)

US anti-contraception forces decried the inclusion of expanded Medicaid funding for family planning in President Barack Obama's stimulus package. Many references were made to the "culture of death" and throwing out money to encourage feckless, trashy, welfare-scamming fornicators.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi did not help when she pointed out the costs savings in births of poor children from the contraceptive proposal. Low-income Americans do not care to hear what expensive and unnecessary burdens we and our kids are on the public purse, thank you very much.

But the dropping of the proposal from the stimulus package is something that merited opposition. Because low-income Americans deserve the same access to family planning services and abortion-reducing measures as everyone else--*not* because the country should be targeting poor people to limit our unseemly breeding.

The stimulus package has been finalized, so too late to call for action upon it. Damn.

Update later in the day: No, it isn't too late. There's still hope to expand Medicaid family planning funding through other means. Please send out this action alert letter from the National (US) Council of Jewish Women's Plan A for Contraceptive Access initiative. Thank you!

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