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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

more on sluts4choice

So far, no one from this group has responded to my explanation of what the manifesto is about from the vantage point of its authors/sponsors, nor my invitation to dialogue.


Jen R said...

It was a little while ago, so the only person who's likely to see your comment is the person who made the original post, if she's set up to get comment notifications by email.

Marysia said...

Yes, you're right. I will try to engage the group another way.

Marysia said...

Well, some responses are now...here.

I have to wonder about a lot of things, but I'll just wonder about these few.

--Since when are people not ethically responsible for their misrepresentations of others?
--Since when do they feel they have no such responsibity because they are absolutely *right* and ding-dong, you're *wrong*!?
--Since when is it feminist to call other women "cunts"?
--Since when am I the moral equivalent of the KKK? That certainly explains my interracial (black/white) family and its living, moving celebration of the Loving decision, doesn't it?

Anyway...life goes on...