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Friday, June 22, 2007

How to Save 13 Million Lives A Year (Part Two)

In response to the World Health Organization report, I have expanded and improved the Eco-Friendly Living section(direct URL http://www.nonviolentchoice.info/ecolife.html) of the Nonviolent Choice Directory. Here you can find dozens of ways that you can foster life-saving environmental changes at every level from the individual and household to the widescale-institutional and global.

It took me a little longer than expected to do this because while rechecking one of the websites--an online listing of animals available for adoption from shelters--I began to think again about whether it was time to add to our household's small flock of guinea pigs. And I found--and adopted!-- a very sweet-natured little fellow. He will be ready to join the two girls (also adopted from a no-kill shelter) once his quarantine is over and he has properly recovered from his neutering surgery. He already contributes copiously to the local good cheer and to the compost bin, just like his pals.

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