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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Action Alert: Pregnant Women & Unborn Babies in Haiti

Pregnant women and their babies are highly vulnerable to death and injury in disaster situations. Please give to Americans for UNFPA in its work to aid the pregnant women and babies of Haiti.


Anonymous said...

Ahem... Better ways than abortion.
Unpfa is all about abortion. Analyse the composition of the rape kits sent to Haïti.
They won't miss an occasion to kill babies there too.

Marysia said...

I suspect that a lot of antiabortion animosity against UNFPA is based not on abortion services--it neither provides nor promotes them-- but hostility to *contraception.*

Here is UNFPA's official policy on abortion:


UNFPA does advocate treatment for women suffering postabortion complications. But that's no more "proabortion" than post suicide attempt treatment is "prosuicide."

For those with religious oibjections to contraception--UNFPA provides many women with "natural" methods like CycleBeads as well as the "artifical" methods accepted by most of the world.

I assume that what you object to in the rape kits is emergency contraception?

There are Catholic hospitals who give it to rape victims.

A significant group within the American Association of Prolife Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AAPLOG) supports the use of hormonal contraceptives in general:


Thus AAPLOG thus takes an "agree to disagree" rather than "opposed" stance on hormonal contraception. I happen to agree with the "support" position, which seems more shaped by scientific evidence than by a particular religious ideology.

And if you still deny that UNFPA does lifesaving work, including in Haiti, check this out:


UNFPA does far more to reduce abortion and provide positive alternatives on the planet than just about anyone.