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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jim Pouillon Murder

Jim Pouillon, a well known antiabortion protestor in the small town of Owosso, Michigan, was shot to death. A suspect is in custody for this shooting and for the shooting of another man in the town. While the motive in the second killing isn't clear or made public yet, apparently the suspect has cited his objection to Pouillon's protests.

Pouillon protested with large, graphic signs outside places where children & youth were--schools, a day care center, a church--that weren't even abortion clinics. As far as I am concerned, those methods of protest are highly objectionable. better to stand around without the gory pictures, offering substantive help with prevention & with help during pregnancy & beyond.

But no one should be shot in cold blood like he was.

I hope this doesn't turn into a prolife/prochoice spat over whose martyrs get the most media attention. It's horrible that *anybody* was murdered. And how did people bent on murder, for whatever motive, have access to guns?


Command0-182 said...

The whole pro-life pro-abortion movement is turning into a gang war.

"We're pro-life, we were special pro-life clothing and we blow the brains out of anybody who doesn't agree with us that life is sacred!"

"We're pro-abortion! We were our own special gear that shows our views to the world. We believe that only wanted children should be born and we'll blow the brains out of any wanted child who doesn't agree with us!"

Marysia said...

I would say, not so fast...Although there is a great rift between them, & a great sense that their own group is oh so right----most prolife & prochoice advocates do *not* advocate or encourage violence towards those who disagree with them.

That's a point of common ground.

Another point of common ground is examining the labels that each group gives the other.

Prolifers don't like to be called "antichoice." After all many of us are for all the choices that do not involve prenatal lifetaking.

By the same token, prochoicers don't like to be called "pro abortion." Many have conflicted feelings about abortion, they just think they don't have the right to make that decision for someone else.

Although I personally disagree that abortion fits under the rubric of personal choice--I grasp the sincerity & humility of many who hold this belief.

And many who hold this belief work diligently to create the "other" choices.

So, instead of using the offensive "pro abortion," I think it's better here to call people what they prefer to be called, no matter how deeply I disagree...In prolife/prochoice dialogue, the issue of what to call the "other side" is often the first issue to work through.

Command0-182 said...

I know, I'm pointing out the hypocrisy in those who DO advocate violence.