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Sunday, May 31, 2009

An Open Letter to the Prolife Movement, from a Prolifer

The fatal shooting today of Dr. George Tiller is just plain horrific and wrong.

Absolutely *no* human being deserves to be shot down in cold blood...let alone in a house of worship, which should be a place of safety, peace, and refuge for *all* God's children who seek it there...no matter what they do for a living and no matter how objectionable we may find their means of livelihood.

*No* human being should usurp that power of life and death over another.

There is *no* justification or extenuating circumstances for this murder of a fellow member of humankind.

May peace and healing come to George Tiller's loved ones.

Today, and every day, each and every individual and group that identifies with the word "prolife" needs to ask, from a stance of complete humility and openness rather than hard headed and hearted defensive arrogance, questions such as this.

--Have I/we ever said or done anything that demonizes anyone who disagrees with me/us on the issue of abortion?

--Am I/are we willing to humbly learn from prochoicers what they deem to be demonizing words and deeds against them--quite independently of the question of which side is "right" or "wrong" about abortion?

--Have I/we ever failed to challenge anyone who agitates for the killing of abortion providers?

--Have I/we taken a strong, outapoken, unapologetic, unceasing stance against the killing of abortion providers, instead of just saying and hiding behind "well, real prolifers don't do that, and we're real prolifers"?

--Have I/we ever said or done anything that even sounds like it gives justification to the homicide of abortion providers, like "well, so few of them have been killed compared to the number of babies they've killed"--as if their relative fewness somehow makes their forcibly cut-short lives and their unjust deaths somehow unimportant?

--Have I/we ever taken positive steps to alleviate the causes and sources of violence against abortion providers?

--Have I/we ever reached out to prochoicers and tried to work cooperatively and humbly with them on preventing further violence against abortion providers?

Coming up with ethically robust answers to these questions is literally a matter of life and death.


Sophia said...

I hadn't heard this terrible news....Thank you for speaking out on all these important points.

Anonymous said...

I admire your stance. Thanks for posting this and thanks for commenting on RH Reality.

John Dunkle said...
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Marysia said...

John Dunkle, I think you miss the point of the self-scrutiny I recommend for prolifers.

Which is to shed even the smallest, unconscious bits of complicity with those who advocate violence in the name of prolife.

You have a quite public history of advocating violence against abortion providers.


Your comments on Bullywatch show that you retain this belief in violence against providers.

You also say this in your Blogger profile:

"Unless I have the support of others, I am afraid to act on my belief that only the use of force will once again protect the victims."

I am glad you are afraid to act on that belief. Because you shouldn't act on it.

And why do you lack support in it?

Because so many see that it is *wrong.* It's against the very purpose of prolife.