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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Criminalize Abortion?

Harry 834, a frequent prochoice poster on RHReality Check, is asking participants in Nonviolent Choice about the question of criminalizing abortion.

He came here after a discussion on RHReality Check in response to an article by Amanda Marcotte. His profile on RH Reality Check is here.

I took part in this discussion and was quite frustrated by the flurry of ad hominem arguments. They did not come from Harry, and in fact I have had respectful discussions with him before this, too.

I told him my thoughts, and you are welcome to offer yours.


Vanilla Rose said...

Wow, that Amanda woman is a bitch! Am I allowed to say that? She wrote, 'And I know that you schtick is to be the "good" pro-lifer who doesn't hate women. I just think you're misguided. If you take the misogyny out of the pro-life movement, there's nothing left.'

She's basically saying that, to her, you do not even exist. Wow.

Marysia said...

Personally, I am loathe to call another woman a "bitch" because that term has quite the sexist history.

But yes, she has said any number of times that nonmisogynist prolifers do not really exist. No matter how much feminist prolifers protest this dogma & present the evidence for their own existences.

She often sounds like, "Well, I know better than you who you are & what you're really about, because I am *right* and you are *wrong.*"

An insulting way to disagree.

Vanilla Rose said...

Okay, I withdraw the name I called her, but replace it with the comment, "She seems very lacking in good manners".