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Monday, September 22, 2008

The Prolife & Pro LGBT Group PLAGAL Joins the Blogosphere

While some antiabortionists are virulently LGBT-phobic, still others believe that prolife means the lives and wellbeing of LGBT persons as much as unborn children and pregnant women. A number of such prolifers are LGBT themselves.

Luckily there are friendly places online for LGBT and LGBT-allied prolifers. Nonviolent Choice is one of them. For example, we believe that choice in pregnancy prevention includes the right to choose same-sex relationships. (If you want to recommend any more LGBT-friendly topics or websites to us, please recommend them.)

But the hands down best prolife advocate by and/or for by LGBT persons is PLAGAL, the Prolife Alliance of Gays and Lesbians, a US based nonprofit that has been around since 1990, making bridges between communities that are too often miscast as diametrical opponents.

PLAGAL has long maintained a website at www.plagal.org And now PLAGAL has joined the blogosphere at prolifegays.blogspot.com/

Welcome, PLAGAL, from a longtime fan.

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