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Friday, December 7, 2007

From the Annals of "Sometimes Ms. Marysia Loses Her Temper"

The noted antiabortion blogger Jill Stanek posted a long, salaciously lingering "expose" of San Francisco's gaily presented Folsom Street Fair.

Although it is open to debate whether and to what extent various components of the Fair make merry with and indeed cross the boundaries of good taste and public decorum--provided, of course, they actually happened, and not just in exaggeration-prone imaginations inflamed with moral outrage--Stanek presents it as an Oh-My-God case study that verifies the QED truism, "Homosexuality=Abortion." An assertion which I for one am very tired of.

I posted this in response, a bit inflamed myself with my own species of moral outrage:

Homosexuality causes abortion? Is that what they teach in those abstinence-only sex ed classes these days? I thought only one form of human sexual expression, male-female penis-vagina intercourse, had any possibility of leading to a problem pregnancy and abortion, especially if it is not accompanied by some form of contraception or natural family planning.

But maybe I was kidnapped, abused, and brainwashed by some ravenous renegade Homosexuality/Pedophilia/Bestiality squad till I believed that? (for the record, most sexual abusers of children are men who abuse little girls and identify as straight...same,i think, with sexual abusers of animals...)

Homosexuality causes abortion? Well, that's news to all the LGBT youth who are pressured by society to hate themselves so much that they abort themselves right out of our delicate, affronted moral sensibilities by committing suicide. Or by taking self-destructive risks with heterosexual sex (see above) and ending up with problem pregnancies and abortion?

Homosexuality causes abortion? Well, that's big news to all the members and allies of PLAGAL, the Pro Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians,www.plagal.org, who stand up for unwanted life before and after birth with a courage and an ethical power that should do any social-justice, human-rights movement (like the prolife movement is supposed to be) proud.

Homosexuality causes abortion? Well, if there is ever a prenatal test for sexual orientation, let's see if antiabortionists are going to speak out against the rash of abortions that are bound to occur in the homophobic culture so many of them are complicit with--or if they're just going to say, "Homosexuality causes abortion"...just like being female causes sex-selective abortion, or being disabled causes disability abortion, right?

From a proudly LGBT-affirming, longtime prolifer


Jen R said...

salaciously lingering

You noticed that too, huh? :)

"Homosexuality=Abortion." An assertion which I for one am very tired of.

Indeed. And one that always raises red flags for me that the person might consider abortion more of a sexual sin than a human rights violation.

Marysia said...

And that casting of abortion as "ungodly sexual degeneracy," more than unjust lifetaking caused by injustices against women--including the scapegoating and osstracism of allegedly "impure" women--really stands in the way of alleviating said injustices.

Vlad said...

The "homosexual mentality and a way of life" espoused by our society today is the cause of abortion.

Marysia said...

Do all LGBT persons have the same "mentality and way of life"?

I don't think so--LGBT people are just as various as heterosexual people--but is this what you think? And why do you think this?

And what precisely is, to your reckoning, this "mentality and way of life," and precisely how does it cause abortion? What sounds obvious and self-evident to you, may not be to others.