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Monday, October 1, 2007

More Clothing Resources Now in Our Directory

The Clothing section of the Nonviolent Choice Directory has been expanded. As we see it, adequate clothing is part of the human right to life. For one, no pregnant woman should ever have to be put in a position where she contemplates abortion because she has no idea how she is ever going to clothe (and supply other necessaries of life to) herself and her child or children.

Clothes can be so prohibitively expensive, particularly adaptive (disabled person's), maternity, breastfeeding, baby, premature baby, and other children's clothes. For instance, a month's supply of diapers in the US can cost a whopping $100. (Please act on our call to nonviolent arms under the DIAPER BANKS entry of our just-improved Clothing page!) So we now offer a variety of ideas for obtaining such clothes (and other types as well) at free or little cost.

Clothing is all knotted up with another burning justice issue: the immense harm that the global garment industry often causes workers, animals, and entire ecosystems. Humane, socially responsible clothes can be hard to find, and even if you can find them, they are all too often astronomically priced.

Our Clothing resources not only educate about garment industry injustices; they show ways to get free and lower-cost clothes that actually can reduce or avoid those problems.

You can also look at our Clothing resources if you want to help clothe others in need, including women and babies of difficult pregnancies.

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