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Thursday, June 7, 2007

We Welcome The Welcome

Ms. Turn the Clock Forward has graciously welcomed Nonviolent Choice to the blogosphere--and not only that, has encouraged helpful, feedback-giving visitors.

Now how can we argue with a jot or tittle of that?

Not only has at least one person out there noticed us, it's her. She is kewel, check her out. Ms. TCF bravely and diligently started and ran for many the late great email discussion group & website LeftOut: A Haven for Progressive Prolifers.

(and yes, we exist, no, we are not carefully contrived PR smokescreens over rank stealth misogynist-fascist authoritarian-religious agendas let alone the hapless dupes of said agendas, and no, we are not figments of our own purportedly unreality-based imaginations)

And now that blogs are The Thing, she has started a blog that among other virtues unequivocally advocates freedom of choice in family planning, LBGT rights, and comprehensive sex education. How can we not like her?

Hope our other (if any) readers will, too.

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